Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Shoes

After posting all of the pictures of my feet a while back, I realized that my shoe collection, or rather, my collection of mostly tennis shoes, could use a little makeover. So I’ve been on the lookout for some cute summer shoes that will look better than my usual attire when I happen to take pictures of my feet.

Well, several weeks ago, when I was out and about looking for my Marion Ravenwood costume, I happened upon a very summery pair of bright yellow wedges [maybe?] and on impulse, I bought them. I’m not sure why though because yellow is not one of my colors, and I do not own a single piece of yellow clothing, and therefore have not worn the shoes yet. But I couldn’t just let them sit in the closet in all of their cuteness, unappreciated by anyone else, so I took them out today and decided to paint them; not the shoes themselves…but a picture of the shoes.



Until I can wear them, I’ll have a constant reminder of what’s waiting for me in my closet.


nessa dee

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CakeBallers said...

love this! I'm sure the shoes are super cute in person, too. I bet you would do well with a series of shoe paintings.