Friday, October 22, 2010

Crafty Friday: Macaroni Mosaics

I have to apologize for the completely unoriginal, repeat craft project today. I haven’t had much sleep lately, my brain is mush. I should have taken a nap with Finn on the hospital bed while I had the chance.


One of our very first Crafty Friday projects was bean mosaics. Well, this time we’ve upgraded. Not only do we have 15 bean soup, but we have an array of pasta pieces to make our project exciting.


That’s not a very good angle. Here’s a better view:


Please don’t ask me how many pictures I took of this pasta. It’s a ridiculous number.

Now all you need is paper and liquid glue. I’d recommend a sturdy paper like cardstock because our flimsy stuff didn’t hold the weight of the pasta too well.

You can have your kids draw a picture, our copy a coloring page from somewhere and fill in the picture with food as I exhibited here. OR, if your kids aren’t as patient, they can just start globbing glue and sticking macaroni on the paper. Here’s the picture of my kid working to make this post more exciting:


When all is said and done, you have a beautiful piece of food art!

“Map” by Finn:


“Stagecoach” by Audrie:


If you want to add a little more excitement to the craft, you can dye the pasta pieces in fun colors before you make the mosaics. I would have done this had I had the time. Here’s a great link that shows you how: How to dye pasta

I’m going to tackle the rest of my day in a zombie-like state. Fitting for Halloween.

Happy Crafting!

nessa dee

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