Friday, October 29, 2010

Crafty Friday: Procrastination

So here’s my to-do list:

1. Make the kid’s Halloween costumes before the 31st.

2. Finish painting furniture for studio.

3. Do Crafty Friday project with kids.

4. Prime, paint, and install Audrie’s shelves for her window seat.

5. Make slipcovers for my ugly chairs.

6. Clean house.

7. Cook a meal or two.

8. Bathe.

Here’s what I worked on instead:


It’s hard to carve out time to paint with the hectic schedule of our weeks, and when I go too long without painting or creating something, I go through withdrawals. The past couple of days I had a major painting headache and the shakes [withdrawal symptoms], so I decided to forgo my to-do list and just create.

I didn’t completely forget about Crafty Friday, though. I planned to make masks in my art class today, so if you want, you can join us in doing so. Here’s the template I used for the project:


You can decorate the masks however you want, but remember, the dotted lines are where to cut, so don’t decorate inside the eyes.


Once the mask is all decorated, cut it out, the eyes out, and cut the four slits. Then, overlap one side of the slit over the other and secure it with tape. Continue this with the rest of the slits. This will give the mask some shape. Lastly, punch two holes on either side of the mask, and tie a piece of yarn or ribbon to each hole. You can now wear the mask and scare your friends.


Now I have to figure out how to make a dragon and Wolverine costume before Sunday. Wish me luck.

Happy procrastinating…er…crafting!

nessa dee

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