Monday, February 28, 2011

Quiet, please.

The bookshelves are filled. I now have a working library in my living room. If you want to sign up for a library card, just stop by one day, and I’m sure I can fashion one out of construction paper and stickers.


They are not organized by means of the Dewey Decimal System yet, but one day, when I locate the rest of our books from all of the random places I like to hide them, I hope to get them organized by subject. I did manage to keep art and decorating books all in one area, but that’s about it.


I tried to fill the shelves not only with books, but with things that are meaningful to us. I don’t want to live in a staged house that has no heart, I want my house to be home filled with little pieces of us. Granted, there are a few tchotchkes on the shelves that have no special meaning other than me liking them, but most things have a purpose. Here, let me explain a few…





They’re still a work in progress. I have more books to fill the empty spaces, and more pictures and stuff to crowd the books, but for now, this will work.


nessa dee


Shum Girl said...

I love your book shelves. Mine are pathetic. I think I will have to redo mine now that I see yours.

Kristi Valiant said...

This is gorgeous! I love how you've personalized your shelves with so many treasures amid the tempting books. Want to come build me a set? :)

thedoodlegirl said...

SO beautiful and meaningful! *love*