Thursday, February 3, 2011


Because I’m a mean mom, I made my poor dog stand outside in freezing temperatures, looking pitiful while I took her picture.

I couldn’t help myself. Look at that hair! Look at those ears! Look at that dirty window. eek!


Her little pleas didn’t work.DSC_0052-1

Nor did her pathetic poses.


Even little snide gestures, which made me think my rank as her favorite had changed, had no effect on my opening the door.


What finally did work? Technological difficulties. Call it what you will, a malfunction, a dog’s answered prayer, but my camera froze up, and I was forced to stop this little sideshow and let the cold canine inside.

After this incident and my attempt to cut her nails this morning, I don’t know if I’ll ever be her favorite again.  Serves me right I guess.


nessa dee

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Beth Stone said...

Poor little thing... :o) What a cute doggy. I'm sure she can overcome her issues with you if there is a treat involved. Thanks for sharing the cuteness!