Saturday, June 11, 2011

My budding artists

My children love to draw. For Finn, inspiration will hit and he’ll churn out about 5 pictures in 3 minutes [usually maps] and be done with drawing for several days. For Audrie, it’s an all consuming passion. She draws everyday, several times a day, having a seemingly endless array of ideas that she just has to get out of her head and down on paper. Her passions right now include dragons, Pokemon characters, comic strips, and any kind of animal.
I just recently bought each of the kids a sketchbook to use over the summer. Finn, in his usual manner, found a red pen and filled half of the sketchbook up in two minutes. Here are a couple of his masterpieces:
[‘8 Year Old Boy with Mustache (because it’s silly)”]
As for Audrie, she’s meticulously choosing what to fill her sketchbook with, making sure the pages are reserved for only the best of sketches. Here’s her works:
[“Self Portrait”]
And here’s one subject that is quite popular with both of the kids. Can you guess who this is?
nessa dee

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Jenna Lorelle said...

Love it! I particularly like Finn's 8 year old with a mustach because it IS funny and I love the squirrel in the background of Audrie's of Trixie (however you spell it). Good job guys!!