Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Hairy Situation

I know you all have had an earful about one hairy little child of mine and her out of control locks. Just look at that thing… DSC_0173          But it’s those crazy brows and that scruffy mustache that make us very fond of her. I honestly don’t think I’d like her as much if she wasn’t so hairy. All this cuteness has made her extra squeezable, which brings us to a new problem. Did you know that mustaches are contagious? I sure didn’t, and I sure wouldn’t have nuzzled this dog so much if I knew it would lead to this:


It’s not just me…the condition has spread to the rest of my once facial hair free family:



On the plus side, having mustaches makes us feel quite dapper and sophisticated. We are now prone to pursing our lips, having a quizzical brow, and thinking with our hands on our chins.



Well, some of us are. This one…he’s embracing his monstrously hairy new look in other ways.



nessa dee

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