Monday, January 30, 2012


Since we’re recovering from a wedding, weekend in Houston, and a large lunch, our Monday’s been pretty uneventful [pretty much like every other Monday in our lives]. The only thing going on right now that’s even worth mentioning is the progress on our new banquette. Here’s a peak of what’s happening:


Isn’t it cute?

And here’s a view with the baskets that are eagerly waiting to make this banquette their new home:


Aren’t they cute?

And here’s a little kid that can’t wait to put the new banquette to good use:


Isn’t he cute?

The next few things on my agenda are to find fabric for the banquette cushion, find coordinating fabric for pillows and dining chairs, learn how to sew, make a banquette cushion, paint and recover dining chairs, refinish the table, and finally, find a seamstress who can fix my botched sewing job before I can call this project done.

I’m off to peruse the internet for fabric ideas.

Happy Monday!


nessa dee

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