Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pizza, Pizza!

The kids and I tried our hand at making pizza from scratch. I’ve tried this before with disappointing results, but I felt a little more confident this time, because I had this woman on my side:


and her recipe for pizza crust:


Armed with plenty of cheese, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and two eager helpers, we were able to produce this:


It looked like a real pizza, but it still needed to go through the baking process. Tensions were high, I tell ya, and those 15 minutes were not stress free. But, much to my relief, I didn’t burn the thing, and the crust didn’t expand to great proportions, or shrink down to nothing. It was beautiful, picture perfect:


Golden crust, bubbly cheese, crisp Canadian bacon, dirty stove, it had all the makings of a good pizza. And the best part? It actually tasted like pizza! Success! The recipe made enough dough for two pizzas, so, guess what we’re having for dinner tonight? That’s right, pizza dough.


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