Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh, Elusive Sleep

yesterday i felt like superwoman. i didn't need a nap, i cleaned, i did some laundry, i answered emails, i cooked supper all while my little bean slept so soundly. i felt i had a hold on this newborn thing, after all, i've done this twice before.

what a difference a day can make.

today i went to target. i spent the majority of the time in the dressing room feeding august. i'll spare you the details, but i left in a hurry hoping no one would notice the big stain on my pants. i got home exhausted while my little bean decided to stay awake for 3 hours. when he finally did go to sleep, i did too, and slept the deepest sleep i'd had since before he was born....only to be awaken 15 minutes later by my sweet angel. i sit here exhausted, typing with one hand, having not taken a shower, milk on shirt, crumbs on my pants, and my house a mess.

i am not superwoman.

i am a mom of a newborn...

and it's oh...


worth it.


nessa dee


rebecca pupillo said...

It is indeed. I hope that sleep visits you soon (the good kind) and rubs off on your sweet baby August. And hey! You are totally still Superwoman, even superheroes have off-days, right? :)

Nessa Dee said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I was silly to think that I had it down after one week. But I will try my best to take advantage of the good days while I can.