Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Month

My little August. 

My sweet surprise.

I found out I was pregnant with you the day after my birthday. I was shocked. It was so unexpected. Yet as soon as I knew you existed, the little gummy bear growing inside me, how I wanted you. How I loved you. How I longed to see your beautiful face. 
You're the best birthday gift I ever received.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have three kids, that you're here, that you're mine.I find myself just sitting and staring at you in amazement. I'm trying to soak every bit of your sweetness up. I can't resist kissing your chubby neck, or snuggling you while you nap. 

You continue to surprise us everyday.

At your two week check-up, you rolled over from your tummy to your back, and you've done so many times since. 

At two and a half weeks, you smiled at me. I didn't even mark the day because I thought for sure you couldn't have legitimately done so that early. But you did it again the next day and the next, and in front of witnesses. 
You smiled at your daddy for the first time today. 

You're a big boy! You gained two pounds in the first two weeks, and you're around 12 pounds now according to my scale. You're quickly outgrowing all of your 3 month clothes. Your daddy says you just skipped right over being a newborn.

You have quite a few nicknames already from family and friends. Augie, Gus, The Hux, Huck, and Captain Thunderpants to name a few. Around here, though, you're Mr. August.

You know your brother and sister's voices. You always try to find them when you hear them talking. When your daddy speaks, you're mesmerized. You become so still and just follow his voice around the room.

And speaking of talking, you're trying so hard to do so. It's no surprise in this family. You make the cutest sounds amidst a lot of grunting and snorting, which is cute, too.

Oh, August. How you've captured my heart. My beautiful baby boy. 

I love you so.




thedoodlegirl said...

CoNgRaTuLaTioNS!!!! He is such a beautiful baby!!

Nessa Dee said...

Thank you!