Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 Months

I finally got my pics uploaded, so I'm posting these now that he's almost six months old. 

[You love your quilt. It's hard to get you to look at the camera if you're laying on it.]

Oh sweet August boy. What a joy you are! At 5 months old you are a bundle of energy. You still move constantly, and I don't think that's going to change. I'm already tired thinking about chasing you around. You found out that rolling can get you places, and you can be across a room before I know it. I can't leave you alone anymore because the house isn't quite ready to handle a baby. You've been testing the waters of crawling [too soon in my opinion], and I'm a nervous wreck. Please slow down a bit! You love watching your brother and sister play, and Finn just walking into a room makes you giggle, which makes us giggle. You love drinking the last drops of water from my cup. You get so excited when I fill my water bottle up that you almost kick yourself out of my arms. You're still growing like a weed. You weighed just under 19 lbs. and were 28 in. at 4 months, so I'm assuming you're around 20 lbs./ 29 in. now. You talk all the time, dadada being your favorite phrase.You sing to yourself when you're sleepy. It's more of a monotone growl, but it's sweet and funny all the same.
You are happy and smiley, which makes me happy and smiley!
I just want to eat you up. I love you so.


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