Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, Monday!

I've been neglecting my house, blog, children...ok, not my children, but everything else lately to get some work done. I'm preparing my portfolio for a conference and meeting with a literary agent next month, and the perfectionist in me wants to redo every illustration to make it portfolio worthy. Of course, I know that's not practical, and I do have a lot of pieces that will work, but the fact that people will be looking at my work, judging it, and telling me what's wrong with it makes me nervous. I can't expect everyone to like my work, I realize that, but art can be very personal, and I want people to like my work, I want my illustrations to make people smile. So, I've been a bit anxious lately. 

Here's what's been keeping me from cleaning my house:

And here's who's been keeping me from getting much work done:

And here's who's been having fun with nail polish:

And here's who's been getting into chocolate:

And here's to eating more chocolate!

Happy Monday!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

nessa dee

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