Monday, March 11, 2013

hello, spring break!

I have big plans for this week, I tell ya, big plans. I'm not going to escape to the beach, or head for the mountains.  I will be home, knee deep in junk. It probably won't be pretty, and it definitely won't be fun, but it's long overdue, and I'm looking forward to the finished product. Ever since the littlest mister arrived and school started, my house has become a real junkyard. It's so bad right now that I just want to shut it up, burn the place down, and start over, but since that's not a very sane solution, I'm forcing myself to use this free week to organize. I should be using this week to work on my illustrations, but this clutter is overwhelming and stressful, and I'll feel a lot better if I get at least a little bit of it under control.

It won't all be trash bags and organizers, though. I do have a few other, less trashy things planned for this week...

:: I'll be working on revising a few illustrations to get my portfolio and dummy book ready to submit. 

:: I'm going to take Easter portraits of my kids, and hopefully get some printed out to give to family, otherwise, they'll have to settle for this Instagram photo.

:: I'll be heading to SXSW several nights this week to hear some awesome bands. I have to admit that I'm a bit terrified, not because I'll have to weave my way through a massive crowd of hipsters, but because I'll be staying out so late. Yes, I'm officially old now. in my defense, though, this event is grueling even for the younger folk who don't have babies that still wake them up in the wee hours of the morning. So, don't judge me because I'm seriously weighing skipping a lot of SXSW in favor of catching a few extra winks.

:: And finally, I hope to get my house baby proofed so I can relax a bit more during the day. I'm considering the possibility of moving to a padded box for a year or five until this little guy doesn't make me so nervous. 

He's already pulling up to standing and trying to climb the stairs.
I already have a head full of grey hair.

what are your plans this week?



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