Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stair climber

I'm exhausted. 
I'm so exhausted. 
How can such a small little thing make you so tired and stressed and filled with joy all at the same time?
August is in that bumps and bruises stage that makes my heart hurt. He's adventurous just like his older brother. He's blowing through his milestones just like his brother. And he doesn't like to be in cage. Neither did his brother. But August is greeted everyday with an exciting challenge that his brother never faced at this age. Why am I so stressed?
This is why:

He's figured out how to climb the stairs. He also has an internal radar that points him past all of his bright, fun, colorful toys to anything that's sharp, hard, and dangerous. He won't stay in his crib/playpen/cage for more than 15 minutes before he wants out. When we are downstairs he's into everything, pulling up on everything, trying to climb everything, and my floors are really hard. If he'd nap in his bed at all, I might not be so frazzled, but he won't, so the only relief I have during the day is shutting us up in the sweet refuge of his mostly safe room.

I know this is a tough phase, and that it will pass, like everything else, all too quickly, but it sure is exhausting.    So, for the next few months I will be locked in August's room, adding to my ever-growing population of grey hairs until he's past this nerve wracking stage and into the next one.

nessa dee

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Isabel said...

I had one of him and still do my middle son I had to bungy cord thr refrigerator because my food would end up in on the floor and car seats forget it he found a way out of it too:O) have fun and enjoy my son is now a freshman in college they do grow fast:O) Happy Easter