Thursday, May 16, 2013

I need a vacation after my vacation

Seriously, what crazy person decided that in order to have a great vacation, one needs to experience everything a city has to offer? Oh yeah, that was me. After five days in DC, I am utterly exhausted. We walked at least 20 miles...each day. When we weren't walking we were eating ice cream to counteract any chance that we might actually lose weight on a vacation. We saw so much, experienced a ton, and learned a whole helluva lot. [What better way to get your kids to learn than to disguise an educational trip with the word 'vacation']  All in all, this trip was a success, and I can't tell you about it all in one post, unless you want to sit in front of your computer for 3 hours, looking at 700 pictures, so I'm going to split it up for your convenience [and my sanity].

 First of all, I want to say a HUGE thank my kids...for being awesome!! 

This being August's first flight, we were forced to jump in the treacherous waters of trying to keep a very active and unusually loud nine month old quiet for three hours in a claustrophobia inducing tube filled with passengers thousands of feet in the air. These poor unsuspecting passengers were our test subjects for the trial first flight of our third child. We were quite nervous to say the least. Our saving grace came in the form of four other families with babies on our flight. We knew then that the hate would be evenly distributed among us, and the pressure was somewhat diminished. But as the flight got underway, we learned that keeping our baby quiet wouldn't be a problem, however, keeping my arms functioning would. Though he was quiet, his constant game of stand up, unlock the tray table, pull it down, put it up, turn around, sit down, unbuckle Mommy's seat belt, lift the seat arm, put it back down, grab a book, drop it on the floor, pick it up, repeat, took its toll on my arm strength. But...he was quiet!! [unlike some of the other kids.] So we breathed a huge sigh of relief when we landed, and prayed for the upcoming flight home, which I'm happy to report went swimmingly thanks to the same families flying back with us. Sweet serendipity!

As for the rest of the trip, my kids deservedly had the right to complain with as much as we dragged them around, but there was very little whining and complaining [and a lot of ice cream promises] and it's because of that fact that we were able to see so much more than I expected. I went with a list of things the kids wanted to see, things I hoped to see if there was time, and no expectations, but thanks to my little troopers, we were able to see everything on that list, plus some.

It's because of them, you will have to suffer through post after post of a ridiculous amount of pictures from our trip.

 Thanks a lot, kids.

nessa dee


Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Can't wait to see all the pictures. I had only a few good ones, darn it. Need to chunk this camera. But I loved Finn's picture of Van and me! And I agree about the kids-- they were great and the whole trip was so enjoyable. So glad we went!

Marci Deegan said...

Your kids seem to enjoy every place you guys went to and their smiles are definitely irreplaceable. Have you considered staying in a hotel with amenities for the entire family? Maybe next time you can rest on such hotels to rejuvenate you for the activities ahead. Thanks for sharing!

Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine