Saturday, May 4, 2013

cracker box

So the craft project is still in the works. Monday, perhaps? I know I've said this before, but I tend to get inspired, plan way to much for the week, and then sorely disappoint myself when I get about 10% of my to-do's done. This past week marked the end of our weekly homeschool cooperative, which is always a busy time. I volunteered to make some props for the play and, of course, had huge expectations [like Broadway will surely offer me a job as a set designer after seeing these puppies], but my imagination is much bigger than my abilities. Add to that, sick days, cheerleading camp, a freak cold front with major wind gusts, and a 9 month old, and I almost had to label the props so people could tell what they were. They were pretty bad, and I was praying that the boat I made would stay together long enough for its 60 second scene. It survived, I survived, and now I'm looking forward to this busy next week as we prepare for a quick trip to DC. It will be the first time flying for Mr. Gus, so if you have any tips, please share!

As for tips, I thought I'd share this nifty device I discovered while making props. If you have a baby, or small child, or perhaps a husband who looks like this when he eats:

Than this is the product for you!

 I call it the "Cracker Box," otherwise known as a crumb catcher!

Just look at all of that crumb catching capacity!

I know you're saying to yourself  "Why is this so special, Nessa? It's just a box."

But what looks like just a box is actually much, much more. With this product, there's no clean-up involved!

"But, how?" you might say if you kept talking to yourself.

The key to this self cleaning Cracker Box is in its unique design. The special open-ended box allows for easy access of any and all family pets and means that the crumbs are licked up almost as soon as they fall to the bottom:

Just set your baby/child/husband inside, hand them a cracker, and watch the Cracker Box do its job.

The Cracker Box keeps crumbs off your floor, crumbs off your rug, your baby happy, and your dog fed!
It's a win win situation!

The Cracker Box comes in small, medium, and husband sizes and is available anywhere you can find a box. Those who have a Cracker Box should be aware that use might  result in an impromptu tongue bath 
 Dog not included.


nessa dee


Isabel said...

Too funny of a post!!! Love it:O) This box would not have done me any good my boys when they where little threw everything out over there heads, I would have to encase them in a net like a trampoline net thingy. Thanks for the laughs:O)

Tammy Shumway said...

I love this post.