Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Exciting News!!

Would you like to have one of my prints in a larger size? How about on canvas?  Matted and framed? On birch wood? Or you might just want to go browse this site and see the name Nessa Dee. [Okay, maybe that's just me.] For everything else, you can visit Gallery Direct.

Gallery Direct is now offering high quality, limited edition prints from Nessa Dee Art! Each piece can be printed in several different sizes on a variety of materials. Right now there are seven different paintings to choose from, but more will be added in the weeks to come.

You can also find my work over at New Era Portfolio.

How cool is that? 

I'm so excited to get to join the family of talented artists at New Era, and am so thankful to those who've given me this opportunity. 

nessa dee

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