Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Friday

I've been busy this week. "Doing what?" you may ask. "Well, stuff," I may answer.

Actually, it's been a week of random. On Monday, Jonathan and I went on anniversary date. Audrie asked if it was unlucky since we'd been married a spooky thirteen years. I told her that was silly superstitious stuff, but then I thought about our date, and maybe it was a bit unlucky. My car's transmission decided it didn't have a reason to live and called it quits on my way to meet Jonathan. Thankfully, I was able to make it back home and borrow my mom's car... which had a low tire. Fun. But I made it downtown to find all of the parking garages full. I circled the downtown area about five times before I stumbled upon a parking garage right above the fancy theater we were going to. [a bit of luck!] We were 30 minutes late to our movie, and upon the trek to our seats at the very top of the theater, I knocked someone's drink off their table and broke the glass, liquid and glass spraying the backs of my legs. [Yay!] It took me a while to get into the movie after that incident, but I eventually found myself laughing, and by the movie's end [and after waiting until that particular person exited the theater], I was feeling lucky. We stopped into a restaurant for a night cap, and ate the most delicious chocolate dessert. It was seriously good, and seriously full of heavy cream because we both felt like we'd eaten a brick after finishing. [Yummy bad luck.] Not feeling well, we called it quits, and headed back to our cars, where I spent 20 minutes looking for my validated parking ticket and another 20 minutes sitting in parking garage traffic. I finally made it back home, we put the kids in bed, and bid farewell our [perhaps a bit unlucky] 13 year anniversary mark.

My car's been in the shop all week getting it's rebuilt transmission rebuilt again. Audrie's been doing school [she started last Thursday]. We've been swimming, and playing, and painting, and creating, and eating, and baking, and painting and creating some more. I've been trying to get a few projects knocked out this week one of which was painting the family of nesting dolls sketch I posted last week. They still need a background, but here they are in all their round glory:

I've also been trying to revamp a few old projects. Here are some rough sketches of one of them:

Once I get the final painted, I'll post it.

I've been working on this:

You can't tell what it is? Well it's obviously a...hmm...a... okay, I don't know what it is either. [chicken? rocket? goose?] It's actually the base for a yet to be determined paper pulp sculpture I'm working on. I'll be teaching a mixed media art class this fall. I'm super nervous because it will be the first time I'll be teaching kids who aren't easy to please [ aka middle and high schoolers]. I'm trying to come up with lesson plans that will accommodate all skill levels, AND are fun and exciting. Just wait till we get to sculpt chicken rocket geese.  I'm sure they'll be impressed. 

August learned a new trick. Can you guess what it is?

Also he's super cute...just look at those baby blues:

Everything I accomplish each week happens with this sweet guy hanging on my legs. I'm reminding myself that there's a reason I'm so exhausted and don't have much to show for it. But he sure is worth it.

Enough random rambles.

Happy Friday!

nessa dee

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