Monday, November 25, 2013

At the Ranch

We made a quick trip down to my hometown this week. I was supposed to help my dad start packing up his house as he's in the process of selling his place. We've been trying to get him to move closer to us for years, and though he's threatened to do so, it's never happened. He lives in a small town that had very few job opportunities, and we knew that selling his home would take time. So every time an offer for the house would come in, we'd tell him to take it, that he wouldn't ever get a better offer, and every time my dad would hesitate, and let the offer fade away with the hope that my brother or I would want to move back one day.    I can't blame him for not wanting to sell, though. He lives in a house that was designed by my mom, built from scratch on land that's been in his family for decades. He has barns, quite the menagerie of farm animals, and years of memories. It's the house I grew up in, and I have a half a life of memories there, but I know we can make many new memories and a lot more of them if he moves closer. Plus, there's a huge oil boom going on in that same small town, and we're all eating our words. Your hesitancy paid off, Dad, but for real this time, you're never going to get a better offer than right now!

The purpose of our little trip was to help him start packing up the house, but with the kids in tow, packing was put on the back burner in favor of trips out to the ranch to look for deer, playing with all of the dogs, chasing barn cats, catching frogs, and riding tractors.


 We didn't get much packing done, but we made a lot of memories.
Happy Monday!
nessa dee

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theartofpuro said...

It's diffucult to live a house with so many memories:)I can understand:) Your photos are amazing and full of happiness:)