Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 Things I Learned at the Zoo

Last week, before we left the kids with their grandparents, we visited the Houston Zoo. Here are a few things I learned from the trip:

1. Even a creature I'm familiar with can look strange in real life, especially if I stare at it too long, watching it eat. I mean, look at that mouth!?

2. Adults get just as excited as kids when face to face with exotic animals.

3. Lions can share names and personality traits with people you know.

4. I really need to set up a hair appointment.
And buy nicer clothes. Even the birds are showing me up in the style department.

5. Pelicans look like big clumsy dorks when they're being fed.

6. I like the 5:2 adult to kid ratio much better than the 10:1 kid to adult ratio.

7. I discovered that instead of two monkeys, I actually have one monkey and one flamingo living in my house.

8. I could have touched this cheetah if I really wanted to.
And this giraffe.
I didn't, and I still have all of my fingers to show for it.
9. In the middle of the afternoon in May, in Texas, I will start weighing the risks of joining a tiger for a nice refreshing swim against being hot.

10. After a long day at the zoo, I look and feel not unlike this sea lion:
Nessa Dee
**Update--All you will need for Crafty Friday is some paint and paper. I'm keeping it simple since I kind of forgot to plan something. :)**

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Abby said...

I can't stop laughing about Jonathan the lion! Oh my goodness... had to send you this: Made me think of Audrie in a couple of ways... : )