Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silly Finn

I love this little boy!


Nessa Dee
**UPDATE: I don't know where my mind is at the moment (ok I do, it's lost in lack of sleep land) but Mother's Day is this weekend, so I figured a Mother's Day card would be a better project for Crafty Friday. So gather up your decorative papers, paint, glue, fabric, and any "junk" you might have found, too. And, if you have an old paper or styrofoam egg carton on hand, along with pipe cleaners, throw them in the pile as well for a bonus gift idea. We'll do junk collages next week.**


JillP said...

Argggg! Mia's "Bobcat Bonanza", which is the school's annual fund raiser, is back on after the Swine-flu scare! I have to make a sign tonight and volunteer all day tomorrow! So, I guess we'll have to miss crafty Friday.... again!!! Have a great weekend!

yoon see said...

Cool candid shots!
He is so handsome and cute!