Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random, Random

Just a few things:

-I've added a few paintings to my shop, and more will soon follow. So, head over and check it out.

-Before my brother flew back to Africa, we had a second go at a photo shoot. At the first shoot my brother had longer hair (which is not his normal look) and his clothes looked like "a cheap Mardi Gras act." (his words) So we tried again. I'll post a lot more pics later, but until then, here's a sneak peak:

-And, speaking of flying overseas, check out the destination of my latest etsy sale:

London!! Nessa Dee Art had its first international sale! Woo hoo! It seems surreal that my little paintings will be hanging in someones house across the ocean. It may not be a big thing for some people, but since it was my first, I had to share.

-Now, for a bit of Momma bragging, Audrie won 2nd place for the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators contest. The stories will be posted on the website soon, and their pictures will be posted after May 25th. If you want to see something in the meantime, check out the first grade winners for the 2008 contest, you might see a familiar face.

- Not to be outdone, Finn has achieved the seemingly impossible. Mr. Blue Eyes has enter the league of the big boys and is now sporting tighty whiteys full time. After a year of bribing, pleading, begging, and silly dancing to try to convince the boy of the conveniences of going in the potty, it finally clicked. It boiled down to a battle of the wills, and this time, I stood my ground. Yes, there were a few of days of tears, tantrums, and sitting in the bathroom for hours on end, but he finally learned that Mom could be just as stubborn as he. Did you hear that? That was me exhaling the biggest sigh of relief.

And now I'm going to cry because my baby is growing up.
Well, that completes another post of random things.
Enjoy this weekend!
Nessa Dee

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Tammy said...

Congratulations on everything!!!