Thursday, May 14, 2009

I can be quite messy...

...when I'm working. Unfortunately, this is my breakfast room table mid painting. It's not pretty. In fact it's downright chaotic.

An organized chaos, though. See....

I actually have an unused dining space that would be perfect for a studio with two exceptions. One, it doesn't get good light. Two, it sits right off the entryway, and I don't want to greet my guests with this mess.

Do you know what I dream about when I'm painting?

Photo from Ochs Design

or this:

photo from Juner Properties.


One day.


Nessa Dee


yoon see said...

Great sharing Nessa.
Your little work space and work room look creatively organised!

Well done!!!
I love its chaotic arrangement with aesthetic feel.
Thanks for the little scribbles too, they do help explain things better.
Happy Weekends Nessa:)

I also dreaming to have a studio like this:)

vivi said...

Your paintings are incredible! If only I had half the talent you do!