Friday, July 17, 2009

Crafty Friday: Paper Bowls

I found this craft project on Disney Family here and it looked fun, so I thought we’d try it. It does require a bit of patience while waiting for the bowls to dry (48 hours, eek!), so we actually started this project on Wednesday to have the finished bowl ready for its close-up on Friday.

Here’s what you need:


Construction paper (Two sheets of the same color and several sheets in varying colors)
1 Sheet of newspaper
Warm water
Colander and pan
Paper towels
Vegetable oil
Round kitchen sieve (ours wonky jawed, but it worked fine)
Large bowl

Step 1.Tear the two sheets of same-colored construction paper and the newspaper into 1-inch squares.


Put all the pieces in a blender, then fill it three quarters full with warm water. Blend the ingredients on medium speed for a few minutes or until it forms a pulpy mixture, or "slurry."

Step 2. Set the colander over the pan, then pour in the slurry. Let it drain for about 10 minutes. It’s enthralling to watch…the whole time…really…ok, maybe it is if you’re 3.

paperbowls3 paperbowls4

Meanwhile, use a paper towel to apply a light coating of vegetable oil to the inside of a round kitchen sieve. paperbowls5

(oily paper towels = disgusting, apparently)


This will help the finished paper bowl come off the screen more easily.

Step 3.Tear the remaining construction paper into small pieces for decorating the outside of the bowl. Dip each piece in water, then place it along the inside of the sieve.


Step 4. Take a picture of the dog napping under the island. (This step is essential!)


Step 5.With your fingers, scoop and mold a thick, even layer of slurry along the inside of the sieve, covering the decorative paper pattern. Gently press the slurry against the sieve to squeeze out any excess water. (mushy, goopy, sloppy slurry = loads of fun)

paperbowls8 paperbowls9

If you like, place a few more decorative pieces of construction paper along the inside of the bowl. Set the sieve over a large bowl to dry completely (about 48 hours,), then carefully remove the paper bowl from the sieve.

Step 6. Fill your bowl with chips, take a picture of it, and then eat the chips!


I wasn’t sure how the kids would fair with this project as it required less creative freedom. But the rigidity of following steps did not subtract at all from the fun. The kids really enjoyed following the steps and getting their hands in the mush, and the idea of making a bowl from paper was fascinating to Audrie. Finn loves the bowl so much that he wants to eat everything out of it…to which I had to explain that it was more decorative than anything else. That doesn’t translate too well to a 3 year old. So, only dry things can go into the bowl, and we’ll use it as long as it lasts.

Happy Crafting!

Nessa Dee

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