Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Paintings

Clever title, huh? Well, as promised, here’s some of my newest additions to my collection of paintings. As I mentioned yesterday, I will be selling these paintings at Blues on the Green, a summer concert series here in Austin, TX. I will be joining a group of other talented crafters that are part of the Etsy Austin team [if you’re in the area…come out and see us!] Any paintings I don’t sell will join the other paintings in my shop. If you read yesterday’s post, I probably sound like a broken record, so I’ll shut up now and just get to the pictures.

Here they are, my new babies:


3pinkbirds cake2

tealdothouse1 plaidhouse1



toillebirds1 pea1

goldenbird1 paisleybird1

abstract1 redchair1

AND, to repeat myself again [because I know you want to hear it], I have some new prints of my illustrations. They’ll be making their way to the shop, as well!


nessa dee


Mighty Kwan said...

LOL!! I love this! It blows me away to see an artist work in a style that I could never come close to emulating. So creative, inspired and thoughtful! I'm mad jealous!

vivi said...

Not only is she talented, but she's the sweetest of people, too.
Ness, that chair painting is to die for!

Asja said...

adorable work!

Sherry Rogers said...

Really adorable work! Have you thought of doing cards. I think they could be really big sellers. Or maybe licensing. . .

Ginger*:) said...

These are Beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog.... I am going to be following yours and can't wait to see more!

Shirley said...

Hi Nessa Dee - Your work is just lovely!! I really love the animals, but the favorite for me is your big red leather chair...strange huh? I just think you nailed it. Thank you for your lovely stop by my blog - your words encourage me! : ) All the best to you with these...and I'm so impressed with how much you've done.

yoon see said...

Wow! Thank you to share your new pieces to us!
They are all so lovely!