Monday, August 10, 2009

Drawing Lessons

Have I told you how great it is to have a teaching assistant around the house? If you don’t have one, I highly recommend hiring someone to help in the raising of your kids. My teaching assistant constantly gives lessons to the youngest of my brood. The lessons cover a broad spectrum of subjects. Sometimes the lessons are spontaneous and brief, and sometimes they are long and elaborately planned out. On this particular day, a recent purchase of a dry erase board prompted a lesson on how to draw a boat.

First, there was a demonstration.


Then, the assistant guided her student through each step.

draw1 draw3


They studied the finished result for a bit.


A short critique followed.

draw6 draw7 draw8

Then, they started the process over again.


Teaching assistants. They are priceless.


nessa dee

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serline said...

She was a great teacher and sister. So talented too!