Monday, August 3, 2009


My mom found a container full of those glow in the dark bracelets you buy at carnivals or fairs and gave them to me a few weeks ago. My kids have been begging me ever since then to play with them, but it’s usually past their bedtime when they do so. Well last night, about 9:30 [an hour past bedtime] I finally gave in, and we had a little glow in the dark experimentation with long camera exposures. It made bedtime even later and was followed by tears and a small tantrum when we had to put the glow sticks up. Oh well, it was fun nonetheless.






nessa dee


Abby said...

Wow. Jonathan's kinda creepin me out. Fun pics! Hope to send a few things your way in the mail in the near future!

Michelle Grant said...

Beautiful! Suitable for framing even!
And I love your artwork! Hope to meet you sometime thru Etsy Austin!

yoon see said...

Wow! I love the second & the bottom shots! Yeah, so abstract and lovely!
You are very talented Nessa:)
Love your artworks from original to prints to craft to photography!