Friday, October 30, 2009

Crafty Friday: Spooktacular Crafts

We made a few Halloween inspired crafts yesterday to decorate our house before family comes into town for the trick-or-treating fun. I’m not one for all of the scary, gory, give me nightmares Halloween decor…I’m more of the cutesy pumpkins and friendly ghosts type. So for our crafts, we decided to make a family of coffee filter ghosts [super scary] and a BOO banner [ultra spooky].

Here’s what you need:

-scrapbook paper in shades of black, white, and orange
-coffee filters
-cotton balls or pompoms

Super scary coffee filter ghosts are super simple to make. Just take a coffee filter and put a couple of cotton balls in it like so:


Gather up the edges and pinch the coffee filter together underneath the cotton balls and secure with a ribbon.


Finally, draw a couple of eyes on your ghastly ghosts and hang them up.


For the BOO banner, you first need to print out the letters B-O-O in a font of your choice. [I used Castellar, font size 300] Then, cut your pendants. We took black construction paper and folded it in half with the long sides touching. We measured down 9 inches on the folded edge and made a mark. From that mark, we drew a diagonal line to the corner of the paper.


Next, cut along the line and unfold the paper to reveal your triangle.


For the scrapbook paper, first fold the paper in half. From the folded edge, measure out 3.5” along the top of the paper and make a mark. Then, measure 8”from the top of the paper down along the folded edge and make another mark. Draw a diagonal line to connect the marks and then cut along the line. Unfold to reveal the triangle.


Glue the decorative pendants on top of the black ones so that a half inch border is created. Cut out each of your letters you printed off and glue one letter on each pendant.


Next, punch holes in the top two corners of each pendant.


Finally, cut a long strip of ribbon [I think ours was about 3.5 feet] and weave it through the punched holes. Hang in a desired place.



Happy Crafting!

Nessa Dee

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B.jane said...

I love this! Glad I found your blog again! I remember liking it...and I got sidetracked. lol
Now..I am going to put you on my blog I won't loose you again!