Sunday, December 20, 2009

Country Christmas

We spent round one of our three Christmases in my hometown amongst my dad’s zoo, more than half of which he acquired because the animals just showed up one day. I think the word’s gotten around town that this man with the tough exterior is really a softie when it comes to strays, so many an animal has made its way over to the house to find food, shelter and a little bit of love. It’s made for quite the collection of critters, each of which needs ample time and attention from my own two critters.



Miss Berta is my favorite. She’s a HUGE pig originally purchased for meat, but her personality earned her a spot in the family. She’s such a character. She acts like a dog, loves to be scratched, and is very vocal until she gets fed.


Besides playing with the animals, the kids have to make enough time to take full advantage of everything the rural playground has to offer.






I love these next two pictures. hands

hands2Well, we're three days into round two of the festivities. If I don't make it back to the blog before the 25th, I hope everyone has a happy, joy-filled Christmas!


nessa dee

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Asja said...

this seems like such a great place for kids!
have a wonderful Christmas!