Tuesday, December 1, 2009

“Welcome Christmas, bring your cheer.”

I cut my workout short this morning when I remembered it is December 1st and I hadn’t filled the advent calendar with candy. So off to Target I went in shorts in 46 degree weather, shocked that it is already December. Stress started to set in as I rushed through the store, knowing that I still have a bunch of projects to finish before I can even think about Christmas shopping. I know this month is going to fly by in a blur of holiday frenzy, but I don’t want to be so rushed and so stressed that I miss the magic, especially the magic seen through my kids’ eyes. So I decided to stop thinking about what has to be done for a moment and start the month off with something special. I picked up some hot chocolate and marshmallows, a couple of Christmas plates, and made homemade cinnamon toast for breakfast. I wanted to slow down if just for a moment and take the time to enjoy the beginning of my most favorite time of year, and help to spur on the excitement in my children that has been steadily building all year. breakfastbreakfast2




After breakfast, the kids started the countdown by getting their candy out of the #1 pocket of our advent calendar.

advent candy Tonight, after soccer and piano practice, we’re going to watch a Christmas movie, and then read a Christmas book [part of my other advent calendar idea…I’ll post about it soon.]

I know this season’s going to be busy and stressful, but I don’t want to let all of that get in the way of enjoying this time…especially when my kids are small. I know that one day, the traditions will be juvenile and the season won’t be quite as magical, so I want to take advantage of this time and soak up every little ounce of the joy while Audrie and Finn are young. I want them to remember these times and these traditions and hopefully, one day share them with their own children.


nessa dee

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thedoodlegirl said...

How funnnn! You are the best mom! What lucky kids they are. I just wanted you to know that we tried out your oh-so-cute tree ornament idea! I linked to your site from my blog! Thanks for the idea! :)