Friday, December 11, 2009

Crafty Friday: Christmas Garland

In keeping things festive, we made a couple of Christmas banners very similar to our BOO banner we made for Halloween, as well as a simple felt garland to hang.

Here’s what you need:

-scrapbook paper
*more advanced...
-embroidery thread and needles

For the felt garland, we started by gathering felt scraps in a variety of colors. We then cut out circles about 3 inches in diameter. Next we cut out 2 inch diameter circles and glued them on the larger circles.


We picked buttons to place in the center of each circle. If your child is old enough to use a needle and thread, they can sew the buttons on and add decorative stitching if they’d like. I thought my daughter would since she loves to sew, but this time she opted for the quick and easy way.


We glued each circle to a long strip of ribbon, separating them about 4 inches apart and called it done. DSC_0013


For the banners, the steps are pretty much the same as our BOO banner steps, save a few changes. The first change we made was the shape of the pendants…we opted for squares. We decided to print the letters J-O-Y for our banner, but other options include NOEL, HOPE, PEACE, Ho Ho Ho, or Fa La La.


Then, we hung the banner vertically instead of horizontally. To do this, you can glue the letters onto the ribbon, or if you want to weave it through, as in the BOO banners, punch holes at the top and bottom of each square. We also decided to make a snowman in the same manner. For each square though, we made three different sizes, small, medium and large to accommodate the three snowman circles. We glued buttons on for the eyes and mouth, and cut out a triangular piece of orange paper for his nose. We hung him vertically just like our JOY banner.

joy2 snowman

Happy Crafting!

Nessa Dee

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Jade said...

Ahhh Vanessa, you are so incredible. I wish we lived near eachother so I could soak up all your goodness!

Seriously, I know it's late for this season, but how much would you charge for an advent calendar just like yours for next season??? I could never make my own, i am just not THAT crafty :) <3