Monday, June 14, 2010

Life in the cul de sac

Our new house is in a cul de sac. When we tell people where we live we say “It’s at the end of the cul de sac.” We have now been inducted into the life of cul de sac people.


When we were looking for a new house, we wanted a large yard, big enough for the kids to explore and play, and keep them busy until the end of the day. They love being outside and would probably take up life in the wilderness if I forget to call them in for supper one night. The problem we faced though when looking for a house was the large yard with the right house in our price range combination. Not easy to find. So we started considering smaller yards on greenbelts or cul de sac lots so the kids had extended play areas. And that’s what we got.


Since we’ve moved in, I think they have used their scooters and bikes more than they did in the seven years we lived at our old house.


Our new yard isn’t any bigger than our first yard, but we have a great extended play area out front PLUS a great place to explore out back which I’ll show you soon.


I think I kind of like being cul de sac people.


nessa dee

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