Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Reading

My daughter is an avid reader, so much so that at times we have to punish her for it. I know it sounds terrible, but sometimes her reading gets in the way of doing chores, finishing meals, listening to her parents. I can’t get that mad, though, when the reason she hasn’t gotten out of bed is because she is unable put a book down. I’m actually quite happy about her voracious appetite for literature. I’ve never had to sit her down and make her read a book. When she’s bored, she grabs a book. When she wants to do something fun, she grabs a book. When she wants to prove her mother wrong, she grabs a book and shows me the source of her information. Yes, I’m extremely happy and often humbled as a result of her reading.Calvin1

Recently, Jonathan brought out his old collection of Calvin and Hobbes comic books, and before he could even get them to up the stairs, she got a hold of them. So, for the past couple of days, this has been my view of Audrie:




I’m hoping her passion for reading will rub off on some other little guy who mimics everything she does.


Read on, my sweet girl, read on!

nessa dee

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amba said...

Oh! I also LOVE read Calvin&Hobbes comic books :')