Monday, June 14, 2010


My love turns 30 today. He’s trying to skip this birthday altogether. I won’t let him only because I know I’m next on the list for leaving my twenties, and it’s only fair that he gets there first. :)


Happy birthday, Love!

I love you more than the all of the Twilight fans love Edward’s diamond sparkly skin and Jacob’s chiseled abs.



[Team Jonathan]


adra_bell said...

Happy b-day to your love:).
I like your blog !

Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Jonathan, my favorite son-in-law, from a mother-in-law who loves you much more than any future mothers-in-law could love Edward and Jacob, okay, and Zac Efron combined. Try to figure that one out. Hope you're having a good one. Love u much.

Tammy said...

Well I feel old! No, just kidding, Happy Birthday!

Viv said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan. Will be good to hug you and Ness in person and finally meet your children!