Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Before: Living Room

Just popping in to say hi.

DSC_0061 Hi.

I’ve been slacking on taking pictures and making art because I’ve been consumed with trying to get the house put together. We still have rooms with boxes, closets with boxes, a garage with boxes whose contents have yet to find a place in our home. All in due time.

I promised several people that I would post pictures of the house, but I’ve yet to do so mainly because I haven’t set things up the way I want them, and because I have big plans to change just about every room. But, since these changes will take time and patience, lots of patience to achieve, I decided I’ll start to give glimpses of the place. I’ll call these pictures the before shots.

Here’s the before of the living room:


The thing that struck me most about this room was the vaulted ceiling. It’s quite dramatic, and with the wall of windows flanking the north side, it’s saturated with light. I love bright, light rooms. We’ve yet to figure out the furniture layout, but overall the room is quite nice, and there’s not much we want to change. We do want to eventually replace the blonde laminate floors with dark, hand-scraped wood floors…eventually. Our other big plan for this room is this:

livingroom1 You know all of those unpacked boxes I mentioned earlier? Well, those boxes are mostly filled with books. Lots and lots of books. In our last house, the books were stored in closets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, armoires, and under beds. I’m determined not to do that in this house. It turns out that books I’ve searched for in libraries, we actually own. I had no idea the extent of our collection until we packed up the house. I want our books to be out, visible and easily accessible, so this wall of bookshelves will do the trick.

And while I’m redecorating here, I might as well add a bit of furniture:


And how about a little lighting and accessories:

livingroom3 Are you liking my mad photoshop skills? You can’t even tell it’s not real can you?

I’m running out of time, or I’d photoshop in books, new pillows and curtains, and maybe even some people. Well, I might have time for some people…

livingroom4 Just kidding.


nessa dee


Jenna said...

I love it! Thanks for a glimpse of the living room. It looks beautiful! Are you getting my cherry and polka dot room ready for me to move up there?

Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Oh, you're so funny, honey. Zac-I mean, Jonathan is getting younger-looking all the time. But the question is, can he sing and dance? And at the same time?