Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just might be losing my mind...

It might of been the prospect of all of the money we'll be saving, or maybe it was the fact that we won't be producing an insane amount of trash for the landfill, but really it was probably more of an "If that lady can do it, I certainly can" kind of challenge...I'm considering cloth diapering this little boy. I've already ordered some stylish little numbers in some fun colors. They are so cute and so soft that I might consider wearing them myself.

Ok, I'm not that crazy.


nessa dee

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Tammy said...

I have cloth diapers. I have used them but I keep finding excuses not to. It does take some getting used to. The hardest thing for me was that it makes your little baby waaaaay bigger than they really are. I love the newborn stage so I hated that the cloth diapers made her so much bigger. Then since I work I don't want others to have to deal with the whole cloth thing so I use disposable during the week and sometimes cloth on the weekend. Although going out and about you need a bigger diaper bag and a wet bag for the dirty ones. They do get stinky after a day so you do laundry every other day.
I don't mean to be discouraging in any way. I know lots of people who use and love them but there were lots of realities that I wasn't aware of when I invested in them.