Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Getting Crafty

Saturday morning I woke up way too early and couldn't go back to sleep. It's always quiet in the wee hours of the morning because I live in a family of night owls who make up for their nightly escapades by sleeping late. But about an hour into my peaceful morning of doing laundry and stuffing my face with vittles, I heard a rumbling thunder from my studio. My progeny were awake and up to something. Curious, and slightly concerned, I went upstairs to see what all of the hustle and bustle was about. I found this:

My two children were excitedly working on a project for Baby Boy. I had mentioned a month or two ago that I wanted the kids to make a stuffed toy for their brother. For some reason, this was the morning they got the itch to do it. I found material strewn across the studio, an assortment of buttons laid out on the quilt top, and plans for several robot plush toys. The winning robot was this one:

He's not stitched together yet, but he's super cute, and I can't wait to add him to the room.


nessa dee

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