Thursday, April 12, 2012


My sweet, silly, energetic, rambunctious,snuggly little boy turned six today. Once again, I'm in awe at how quickly the time flies by. As much as I want to keep my baby my baby, I have to face the fact that he's growing up, oh so fast. Plus, in a few months he will no longer be my baby, he will be the bigger brother.

Captain Finn, you are an absolute joy. You make us laugh everyday. You are the ham to our family sandwich. [Audrie is the cheese ;)] I love your imagination. And I love, love, love how you embrace every bit of your being a little boy. You are the definition of childhood, and how I wish I could keep you in this state forever, or at least a little longer.

Happy birthday, Captain Finn Maximus!

I love you so much!



Anonymous said...

Love this sweet boy!

Jenna said...

I tried calling to wish him a Happy Birthday, but no answer. Call me when you get a chance. Love you guys. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FINN!!!