Friday, July 6, 2012

Crafty Friday: Dioramas

Audrie has embarked on a new venture after I gave her a tiny box to do with as she pleased. This sparked an idea, and she's decided to make miniature dioramas to sell. Here's the one that started it all:

It's really supposed to have a red dragon in it instead of a deer, but Audrie's been making short films with this scene, and I'm not sure where the dragon disappeared to. Also, it has a little blue, glassy-looking pond that I failed to capture in the picture.

After making this little scene, Audrie needed some supplies, so I hauled her to Hobby Lobby yesterday, and she loaded up on small plastic animals, and little paper mache' boxes. Here is her second attempt:

With all of the toy buying, though, Finn thought he needed some new toys to play with. I tried my best to explain to Finn that Audrie was investing her own money in these items in the hopes of making some more money in return, and that he didn't need any new toys just to play with, but oh, this cunning little child did not give up without a fight.

"Mom, I want to start making dioramas, too, but I need Army guys to put in them," said the future lawyer.

Who am I to stand in the way of creativity? So, it was back to Hobby Lobby today, and with his money, I let him pick one package of toys, not the three he originally picked, for I know these dioramas of his will never leave his possession, nor will the toys be permanently affixed to the box.

We spent the afternoon gathering leaves and sticks and rocks, and Finn went to work.

Working from the back to the front, he ended up with an outdoor scene complete with trees, rocks, a stream, bridge, and tee pees...

a perfect background for his Army men.

Happy crafting!


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