Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've been trying to get some small house projects marked off my list, and sprucing up my studio is one of them. I deliberately made the room a big white box in hopes of infusing it with color through the art and furniture. The big white peg board was hung on the wall to make for an ever evolving art wall where I could store my paintings, or hang them to dry, but it looked unfinished [as seen here behind the bat man.]

 I finally got around to adding color and a frame [the pieces of which I've had for 5 months now], and now it looks fantabulous! Let's take a gander, shall we?

Isn't it fun? All this color makes me happy. So does that 'Employees Only' sign on my door. Every time family comes to visit, the kids transform our house into a hotel complete with room numbers and card keys. The sign on my studio door keeps visitors from mistaking that room for their temporary lodging facilities.

The room isn't finished yet, but for now, I'm quite happy!

nessa dee

[The color of the peg board is hard to see, but it's a very light blue called Valley Mist from Behr. It's the same color as Finn's room. The frame is painted in Tomato Red by Glidden. Both paints were leftovers from other projects.]

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