Monday, October 1, 2012

2 months

sweet august, our big little boy. you're only two months old, but my how you've grown! You are tipping the scales at 15lbs. 11oz. and are 25in. long. no wonder you've outgrown all of your 3 month clothes. my arms are becoming quite muscular lugging you around.

you love to talk and you're a smiling fool, especially in the morning. [i couldn't get you to smile for your pictures because you were sleepy] it's so hard to be grumpy at 5am  when you give me those big smiles and tell me all about your dreams. you like to be heard and tend to yell at us from time to time. i guess you're practicing for the future because being the baby in a family full of talking know-it-alls won't be easy.

you are busy, busy. when i put you on the floor or on my knee you never stop wiggling. if you could sit on a tricycle, i bet you could give lance armstrong a run for his money.

you are working so hard to get your thumb in your mouth and keep it there. controlling those little arms is tough stuff, but we love watching you try. you slowly bring your little fist to the top of your forehead, drag it down the tip of your nose and into your mouth, if only for a few seconds. this morning you were trying to get your brother's shirt. i know you're concentrating because you get really quiet and still.

you bring us so much joy, august.
my heart wells up every time i look at you.



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