Thursday, October 18, 2012

From my sketchbook

Sketching's about all I have time for right now. Anytime I try to go paint, I get everything set up and ready to go, and somebody decides he needs me. That's okay, though, because I need to work on my technique. When I was young, pencil was my medium of choice. I liked the control it offered. Now, I much prefer paint and collage, and the freedom they allow, but my technique has suffered a bit because of it. Now that I'm back to sketching, I'm starting to look at every detail, trying to figure out how to translate each object with a pencil.
 I got my haircut yesterday, found myself lost in the drops of water falling off the tips of each bundle of hair. I was drawing the droplets in my mind, studying the highlights and shadows, the overall shape, and the movement of the drops. I haven't paid that much attention to something in years, but I attribute it to my renewed (if not forced) interest in sketching. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm a walking zombie who's slowly losing her mind.


nessa dee

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