Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Decor

Before Halloween passes us by, I want to share a little bit of our spooky decor. This year, I got so far as to dragging out my box of fall decorations, letting it sit out for a week, and then dragging it back into the garage. I did put up our pumpkin votive holders and a wreath, but anything beyond that seemed like work. And it finally dawned on me as to why my mom relinquished control of the Christmas decorating to her children well before we reached middle school. Since I decorate mainly for the kids, and since they love to help, I might as well hand over the reins [which only works, by the way,  if you don't care too much about the outcome, and I don't].

So, with their new titles as Head of Halloween Decorations, they disappeared into their rooms and left the box of decor to sit and gather dust. Several hours later there was still no sign of my children, and except for the spider webs that grace most nooks and crannies in each room, the house was lacking in spookiness. I started to think I had misjudged my kids' level of enthusiasm for decorating. It wasn't until that night when I went to tuck my kids into bed that I found out saying " Why don't you two decorate the house this year,"  translates as "Just decorate your rooms," in my kids' language. So my house remains untouched, except for the pumpkin votives, a wreath, and my daughter's lair.

 [signs on the drawers say poison, shrunken heads, frogs, and assorted bones.]

My house may not be the spookiest or falliest or cutiest, [all of which are words in my world], but I'm okay with that. And that monster hiding behind Audrie's bed scares me every time I go to tuck her in at night. 

nessa dee

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Donna Casey VanCleve said...

Audrie never ceases to amaze me with her creative mind. Love what she came up with. And what did Finn do?