Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Art Nuseum

I had to post a few more pictures from our visit to the art nuseum [as Finn used to call it]. I love going to art museums. I love hearing the clacking of shoes echo through the voluminous interiors. I love being dwarfed by massive paintings, shocked by color, amazed by details, and overwhelmed by concepts. I love standing amidst the works of masters and being awed by the history. I'm pretty sure that my mouth stays agape with its corners upturned the entire visit.


A visit to an art museum always leaves me reinvigorated, ready to create new art. The same rang true for this particular visit, not just for me, but for Audrie as well. She filled half of a new sketchbook with drawings that same afternoon. Seeing my daughter so inspired reminded me so much of my younger self. It made my heart swell just a bit. 

Just a note: We visited the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas. Right now they have an amazing exhibit of a variety of art on loan from UT alumni. I'm eager to go back and explore because there's only so much you can see in two hours. 

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Isabel said...

Love the pictures and the art:O) Looks like a fun day:O)