Monday, February 4, 2013

At the Lake House

A couple of weekends ago we finally celebrated Christmas with my mom's side of the family at my Tio Jay's new lake house. The weekend flew by too quickly, as it tends to do, but it's always nice to get together with family and have an excuse to gorge oneself with delicious festive food. I think I ate a whole pie by myself in two days. It was worth it.

If having twenty people and three dogs crammed into a house wasn't exciting enough, my brother, while trying to park a camper, buried a truck deep into the mud. This was our lovely view from the sunroom of the lake house:

Thankfully there were plenty of big strong men to stand around contribute ideas on the best ways to get the truck out, while my cousin, RJ, did all of the work.

Then, once the truck was free, there was another meeting of the minds to discuss the best way to go about parking the camper, while cousin RJ did all of the work.

We might as well have dubbed RJ a super hero because he also fixed a garbage disposal, changed some light bulbs, and made a pretty awesome breakfast taco.

Thanks Tio Jay and Tia Joy for sharing your awesome lake house with us!

nessa dee

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