Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Conference

Well, I survived the Austin SCBWI conference on Saturday. I had been pretty calm all week leading up to the event, even though I was scrambling to put my dummy book and portfolio together to present to the literary agent. I was pretty calm even after I realized that by paying through my business paypal account, my name tag mistakenly read "Nessa Dee Art" instead of my real name, and everyone, including the agent I was meeting with thought my last name was "Art." I was even calm after displaying my little hodge podge of a portfolio next to the portfolios of incredible, seasoned artists. I was there; I had accomplished the goals I'd set; I was confident.

Then I sat down to listen to the first speaker, and a pit formed in my stomach. I had 40 minutes before I was about to show a piece of me to someone who knows the business...someone who can tell me that I don't have what it takes for this business. I started to sweat. I could barely listen to the amazing artist sharing expert advice on making it in this business. What if I cry? That would be so lame. Whatever you do...even if he crushes your very soul, Vanessa, DON'T CRY!! 

I arrived at my review a little too early, but instead of festering my nerves, the wait actually calmed me down. Maybe it was the lighthearted atmosphere, or the nice volunteers there to help, or the fact that no one was wailing from having their soul crushed to a pulp, but the pit in my stomach was reduced to a small pin prick.

After a quick ten minutes, I walked out of my meeting with a lot of sound advice, feeling more confident about my work. Thank you, Mr. Pfeffer, for the wonderful advice, and for lending this novice your ear later in the day when I had a few more questions!

 I have some new goals set, and I'm anxious to move towards the next step. And if you haven't noticed on the sidebar of my blog, I have a new website: It's a work in progress, but it's up!

Also, if you click on either the illustrations or paintings buttons, they'll take you to my portfolio site.

AND, if that's not exciting enough, I have a cute and easy Valentine's Day craft for tomorrow, so check back.

Now, I'm off to tend to my three sick babies. You'd never know this guy had a cold by the smile on his face.

He's just the happiest baby. 
nessa dee

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