Friday, February 1, 2013

Did I tell you we have a new baby?

A baby grand, that is. Audrie has been playing on this piano since she was a we little thing. In fact, all the kids have "played" it. It belonged to Audrie's grandmother and since they have recently downsized and have moved into a barn, MiMi so graciously gave her beautiful piano to Audrie as a birthday gift.

So now we have two pianos in what we like to call the "piano room," both of which were inherited from grandmothers. Now if we could only convince Finn to take piano lessons, we could have dueling piano fights!

Just to clarify [and so my mother-in-law won't kill me for telling people they live in a barn] in-laws are living in a small house built into the back of a barn...temporary digs until they can build their new house.

nessa dee

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