Friday, November 1, 2013

The Lion Tamer, the Cop, and the Strongman

Take a look at that motley crew. This was about the best picture I took of all three of them together thanks to the strongman. He might big and bulky, but for a weight lifter, he's pretty quick. And when he wasn't running out of the frame, he was using his barbell as a weapon. 

It was a hilarious scene to behold. August thought he was tough stuff. He even had a swagger to his walk.


To be honest, I can't say I was the happiest camper. It took me thirty minutes to get the mustache drawn on the baby, we couldn't find the whip for Audrie's costume, August broke his barbell as soon as he took hold of it, and I didn't have a chance to put on my own costume. I was supposed to be the bearded lady. I had high expectations for our themed costumes and perfectly posed pictures. I tend to forget that with having an active toddler, I should have no expectations. The fact that I had the kids in costumes and snapped some pictures of them should feel like an accomplishment. And when all is said and done, the kids had a blast, I have pictures that make me laugh, and that's pretty perfect.
nessa dee

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Kristi Valiant said...

Your pics are always the best and of course, your kids are rocking it as usual! What a fun family.