Friday, June 8, 2012

[c]Rafty Friday: Kandinsky Circles

I had every intention of posting our craft this morning, but we had a birthday party to attend, and I ran out of time before we had to go. We spent the majority of our day out at a local lake swimming and rafting with Audrie's friends. The kids had a blast. I mostly sat and watched and sweated, but I had a good time, too. 

Before we left for the party, though, I tried to cram in a quickie craft. I had a vision. I've always loved the bright fun circles painted by Wassily Kandinsky, and wanted the kids to create their own Kandinsky paintings like this:

I then could frame them and hang them on a particular blank wall in my house. However, the kids had their own ideas. I guess that's what I get for letting them have creative freedom. When I first presented the idea to Finn, he wanted nothing to do with it, until he saw this painting:

which he thought looked like the Death Star. So, he decided he wanted to draw the Death Star, and he did. I finally convinced him to at least cut out different sized circles and glue them on the paper. This is what he came up with:

He added a few paint splatters for flair.

Audrie started her Kandinsky just how I imagined, by folding her paper to create a grid. Instead of paint, she decided to use oil pastels, and began drawing her circles. 

It wasn't long before circle drawing got boring, and she strayed from the plan.

She eventually ended up with a couple of circle horses and a cleverly designed, two-part painting.

Since neither of my kids decided to follow the agenda, I took five minutes to play with a little paint. 

Five minutes wasn't long enough. 

We might give this craft another try when we're not so rushed. Maybe then my kids can stick to the plan. I can't really blame them, though. In college, I went against my professor's advice and combined paint with my collage project. That was the birth of the mixed media art I now love and create. Besides, my kids' ideas usually turn out better than the original plan.

Happy crafting!


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